Gardening Year

Experiment: early sowing in the greenhouse


The frozen soil cracks me up. There is nothing that I can do in my garden. No way to get through the frozen crust of the Earth and I can only dream about harvesting. I can’t even remove weeds from the beds, I have to put up with the fact that they will stay there until spring. The only thing which is left for me to do is to prowl around in the garden. Fortunately, during one of my walks I realized that although everything around is frozen, the greenhouse is already warm and comfy! A few days of sunshine were able to heat the air so that the soil is already warm and workable. I immediately took some fresh black compost and put it into the greenhouse to nourish the soil. (Btw I am really happy that the compost wasn’t frozen – proof that my whole composting setup is working well!)


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